Time to look sharp!

Here we have a property that was renovated about five years ago by another company, the client was disappointed in the decoration finish and tasked us with bringing our excellent standard to bear upon this hall and stairs!As usual we fully protected everything and provided a safe walkable surface for…

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Lewis & Wood room wrap.

A regular client of ours tasked us with transforming their dated lounge with a full room wrap from Lewis & Wood, in their Adams Eden design running through the drapery as well.Our usual excellent standard was applied to finishing the ceilings in non reflective white, whilst the woodwork was finished…

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Victorian Town House

A Victorian town house's hall and stairs fully finished by us, the wall and ceilings were in a very poor state so the decision was made to stabilise them and line them with a fibre based liner, to ensure they remained as they are for decades to come!Special attention was…

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Bye bye Artex….

Here's something else we do a great deal of, Artex overskims to a perfectly flat ceiling ready for decoration.Artex is a textured finish that was popular in the 70s through to the early 90s, it was cheap and very quick to apply and with the correct training you could comb…

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